Agile Mentorship Program

Since the Agile Mentorship Program was so successfully received last year, the Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter (PMI-SAC) is proud to announce the Agile Mentorship program to its membership this year.

The learning objective is to train Scrum Masters to adopt a metrics based approach to Agile (be it Agile Scrum or Agile Kanban) and to apply the Project Management process in the PMBoK to their Agile projects.

What IS part of the Agile Mentorship program?

What IS NOT part of the Agile Mentorship program?

Agile Protégés

Boost your career by registering as an Agile protégé

What are the benefits of becoming a Agile Protégé?

  • Faster career growth
  • Faster growth in PM profession
  • Success with immediate PM “challenges”
  • Network with more experienced PMs
  • If a PMP, you earn PDUs
  • What does the ideal Agile Protégé look like?

  • Any current PMI Southern Alberta chapter member in good standing
  • Willingness to “collaborate” in the process and commit a minimum of 2 contacts hours a month
  • Must attend the training workshop & 2 other workshops
  • How many PDUs can an Agile Protégé earn?

    As a Protégé, you can earn up to 9 PDUs.

    Agile Mentorship Program principles

    PMI-SAC sponsors this mentoring program, which is designed to enhance the professional experience and development of the participants. Participation is strictly voluntary and without financial compensation. Please read the following guidelines/principles regarding participation in the mentoring program.


    The objective of the Mentoring Program is to match experienced Project Managers with individuals who are new to the Project Management field or individuals interested in furthering their knowledge of Project Management.

    Please note that submission of an application is not automatic acceptance into the program.

    Each of the applications is carefully reviewed and paired for compatibility. The program is capped at 30 pairings. We look forward to having you in our Program!

    Agile Protégé:
    PMI-SAC Member

    For current PMI-SAC members
    $ 100
    Including GST
    • Faster career growth

    Agile Protégé:

    For PMs who aren't a part of PMI-SAC
    $ 125
    Including GST
    • Faster career growth

    Agile Mentor

    For experienced PMs who want to give back to the community
    $ 0