Company Ambassador Program

Connecting the PMI-SAC Community with Local Businesses

We are grateful to have the support of so many local organizations! Through their support, we have a Company Ambassador Program (CAP) for those organizations with more than four members enrolled in our chapter.

What is the Company Ambassador Program?

The Company Ambassador Program is an opportunity to be part of Project Management Institute (PMI) and PMI-SAC and act as your organization’s voice. You can bring in ideas, share experiences, and become an inherent part of the PMI-SAC on behalf of your organization.

The program also allows you to help improve and streamline the flow of information between PMI-SAC and the companies in our area, and allow those organizations to help contribute to the success of the chapter.

Being an Ambassador has allowed me to network with more peers and learn more about what is happening in other companies regarding Project Management giving ideas as to what we could try in our company.

Program Benefits

Why join the Company Ambassador Program?

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Our PMI-SAC Company Ambassadors

Manager, AECOM Canada Ltd
Project Manager at Canadian Tire Corporation
Sr Project Manager

Company Ambassador FAQs

As a company ambassador, you will be expected to actively participate in the role as follows:

  • Proactively establish yourself as the focal point within your organization for communications about PMI-SAC.
  • Share concerns / suggestions / ideas on how to improve PMI-SAC to efficiently cater to its members.
  • Participate in Company Ambassador group meetings.
  • Actively participate with other PMI-SAC Committees to develop and implement methods to attract membership interest and involvement within your organization.
  • Obtain an executive sponsor willing to support your efforts to promote professionalism in project management. Solicitations will not be directed to this person. However, sponsors may be invited as guests and recognized during membership meetings.
  • Attend five (5) regular PMI-SAC membership meetings per year (ideally every other month).
  • Host a company brown bag lunch event where PMI-SAC board members come to your organization and deliver our road show presentation.
  • Coordinate a mini-symposium on project management in your company to communicate the value of PMI and PMI-SAC membership.
  • Create an intra-company newsletter or website containing success stories about the value of PMI-SAC participation.
  • Work with your PMO, Human Resources department, or management team to promote PMI-SAC goodwill.

Possible Metrics to Measure Involvement:

  • Improved awareness of PMI-SAC within your organization and greater understanding of project management
  • Net increase in number of participants (attends and/or present) in PMI-SAC events (dinners, lunches, breakfast meetings, conferences, roundtables, networking events etc…)
  • Net increase in number of PMI-SAC members in your company each year
  • Net increase in the number of participants in the Mentorship program
  • Net increase in number or percentage of PMPs in your organization each year.