BoD Job Description

VP Communications – Roles & Responsibilities

Accountabilities from Bylaws:  The Vice President of Communications is accountable to the Board on matters relating to design and delivery of PMI-SAC communications services and publications. The Vice President of Communication serves as a communications hub between Members and the Board.

Specific Accountabilities:

  • Disseminate information both to and from the chapter (events included) in a timely manner
  • Create, define and maintain all chapter communication strategy, policies, goals, objectives and tools (including social media)
  • Form and maintain a Communications Subcommittee that works in unison and carries out communications tasks
  • Maintain a regular communications schedule that translates all chapter communications across all channels
  • Lead the development, production and release of all chapter newsletters and communications
  • Coordinate volunteers (and third party vendors if applicable) to maintain and oversee website design and content
  • Create rapport with all Board members to work as a team to achieve Chapter and Communications strategy goals
  • Balance the need for timely communication while keeping the communication concise and appropriate.
  • Perform and uphold duties, as specified by the chapter bylaws, board policies and procedures
    • This includes attending as many chapter events as possible
  • Work with PR/Marketing to ensure that chapters’ brand is understood and leveraged in communication plans
  • Work with PR/Marketing to ensure a consistent chapter voice and tone across all communications channels
  • Submit and manage the chapter’s approved communications budget, in cooperation with finance officer
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan
  • Submit information to PMI’s communications department regarding chapter activities for possible publication in PMI Today (PMI’s monthly membership newsletter) when deemed appropriate

Job Description and Summary of Tasks: Elected or appointed volunteer responsible for managing and coordinating communication channels in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws

Important Qualifications or Skills:

  • Experience in Developing Communications Strategy and Supporting Communication Plans
  • Knowledge of PMI Global and Chapter Brand Guidelines
  • Strong Written Communication Skills
  • Strong Knowledge of Common Communication Vehicles (i.e. Newsletters, Annual Plans, Email Communications, etc.)

Time Commitment per month (estimated average): Estimated Volunteer Hours per Month: 25–40

Leadership Skills:

  • Effective Delegation and Writing Skills
  • Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
  • Skilled in Strategic Planning and Process Execution
  • Technical Tools and Team Building Skills


  • Forge professional relationships with other passionate project managers
  • Gain practical experience with building and maintaining effective teams
  • Learn more about the project management community and culture within Calgary
  • Have fun outside of your day job while developing your PM skill set 🙂
  • Grow your communication (written and oral) skill set