BoD Job Description

VP Marketing and Sponsorship – Roles & Responsibilities

Accountabilities from Bylaws: The Vice President of Marketing and Sponsorship is accountable to the Board on matters relating to the marketing and promotion of PMI-SAC. 

Specific Accountabilities: 

  • Market and publicize the chapter within the community 
  • Setting objectives, strategies, and specific implementation steps  
  • Develop an awareness of PMI’s marketing tools and resources 
  • Develop and implement marketing campaigns to promote the chapter and its activities to members and the community at large 
  • Develop and implement a periodic marketing plan with a detailed marketing strategy to ensure chapter brand management 
  • Create and disseminate the chapters announcements and marketing activities 
  • Develop, order, and distribute marketing materials, newsletters, etc. 
  • Maintain relationships with sponsors for receiving their ROI 
  • Keep the coherence between the marketing plan and the chapter strategic objectives 
  • Drive the chapter’s advertisement process and ensure results and ROI 
  • Collaborate with local business to publicize the chapter and PMI 
  • Publicize the chapter and PMI through internal and external publications 
  • Increase awareness of PMI and the chapter 
  • Maintain relationships with sponsors for revenue generation to fund the chapters activities for our membership 
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan         

Job Description and Summary of Tasks: 

Elected volunteer responsible for marketing, public relations, and sponsorship. The VP of Marketing & Sponsorship shall be responsible for developing marketing, corporate relations in the Southern Alberta community in accordance with chapter bylaws and policies.

Important Qualifications or Skills: 

  • Marketing Strategy and Development 
  • Marketing Plan Execution and Delivery 
  • Knowledge of PMI’s Brand Strategy (Marketing Portal) 
  • Market Research Skills/Proficient use of Survey Tools 
  • Proficient Usage of Online Collaboration/Tools (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn) 
  • Knowledge of Fundraising Techniques 

Time Commitment per month (estimated average):  This role is ongoing with a frequency of approximately 15 – 25 hours per month depending on project activities known and may require additional hours in peak months. 

Leadership Skills  

  • Public Speaking / Presentation Skills 
  • Excellent Writing Skills 
  • Ability to Delegate Effectively 
  • Negotiation Skills 
  • All the usual soft skills required for a supervisory/management role such as leadership and people skills, good communication, and organized 


  • Forge professional relationships with other passionate project managers 
  • Learn more about the project management community and culture within Calgary 
  • Have fun outside of your day job while developing your PM skill set