BoD Job Description

VP Membership – Roles & Responsibilities

Accountabilities from Bylaws: The Vice President of Membership is accountable to the Board on matters relating to Membership, the Member Recruiting and Retention Plan and the direct delivery of existing or new services to Members.

 Specific Accountabilities: 

  • Manage the accuracy and completeness of the membership database and provide input to PMI in this regard;
  • Direct the communication with current, past, and potential members;
  • Mailing member Welcoming Packages for all new PMI-SAC members monthly;
  • Maintain and monitor membership retention program;
  • Creates membership surveys as needed;
  • Liaison with PMI on membership issues;
  • Coordinate all membership tracking;
  • Create new member communications;
  • Create non-member and potential member communications;
  • Responsible for the Fellowship program;
  • Manage the Component Mentor Program;
  • Maintain a membership drive, including providing application forms and PMI information to potential members;
  • Promote PMI-SAC membership to PMI GOC members in the Component’s geographic area and recruit for their affiliation with chapter;
  • Obtain the current membership list from PMI GOC from the CRS database;
  • Maintain the Component database of members, potential members, and supporting resources;
  • Advise all Board members of all new members and work with the Communications officer/team announce new members in the chapter communications (i.e. newsletter, website, during events, etc.);
  • Ensure that Chapter membership records are up to date for all databases the chapter uses (i.e. Newsletters, etc);
  • Obtain names and addresses of first-time guests at Chapter meetings. Issue membership packet and welcome to all first-time guests;
  • Upon receipt of the updated membership directory, follow-up with those members who have not renewed;
  • Develops and implements a Member Recruiting and Retention Plan;
  • Develops and implements a Member Needs Assessment Survey;
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Board and the President. Support the Chapter’s annual Business Plan through overall stewardship of the Administration portfolio and its performance.

Job Description and Summary of Tasks:

The VP of Membership provides guidance to the Board of Directors on matters relating to membership and acts as inwards communication hub between the membership and the board.


  • Attend and take minutes for all Board meetings 
  • Ensure minutes are approved by Board and post on PMI-SAC Board Business web space within 10 days of the Board meeting 
  • Ensure recurring Chapter lunch and dinner meetings are available on PMI International website for PDU claiming 


  • Review and shepherd the chapter record retention policy
  • Maintain electronic and physical inventory of chapter business

Important Qualifications or Skills:

  • Computer competency
  • Writing and recording skills

Time Commitment per Month (estimated average):

This role is ongoing with a frequency of a minimum of 16-30 hours per month.

Leadership Skills:

  • All the usual soft skills required for a supervisory/management role such as leadership and people skills, good communication, and organized
  • Ability to Delegate
  • Effectively Coaching and Mentoring
  • Persuasion/Motivation Skills Team Building Skills


  • Overarching benefit of this role is being the part of the volunteer journeys of several people and being able to enhance their volunteer experience within the chapter
  • Forge professional relationships with other passionate project managers
  • Gain practical experience with building and maintaining effective teams
  • Learn more about the project management community and culture within Calgary
  • Have fun outside of your day job while developing your PM skill set J
  • Grow your communication (written and oral) skill set