BoD Job Description

VP Operations – Roles & Responsibilities

Accountabilities from Bylaws: The Vice President of Operations, an Officer of PMI-SAC, is accountable to the Board on matters relating to administration and good governance of PMI-SAC including Bylaw changes and conducting and certifying elections for Board positions. The Vice President of Operations shall be responsible for keeping records of all business meetings of the PMI-SAC and meetings of the Board. 

Specific Accountabilities:  

  • Collaborate with Chapter President and other Board members in the creation and implementation of Chapter’s Annual Plan (as required by the Project Management Institute).  
  • Support Chapter through stewardship of the Operations portfolio and its performance.  
  • Create, implement and maintain integrated and effective processes for the Board and Chapter, including maintenance of Chapter Policies and Procedures.  
  • Ensure Board roles, responsibilities and reporting structure is effective. 
  • Ongoing administration and oversight of Chapter information technology environment, including productivity tools (e.g. Microsoft 365) and other software required for day-to-day Chapter business and for providing services to Members. 
  • Sponsor and/or provide resources for special projects identified in the Annual Plan.  
  • In the President’s absence, chair Board meetings and General meetings with authority commensurate with the President in his or her absence.  
  • Provide monthly, periodic, and annual reporting including Operations Portfolio Status, Annual Report and the Chapter Charter Renewal.  
  • Retain and archive permanent records associated with the Chapter and the Operations Portfolio.  
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan  

Job Description and Summary of Tasks:  The VP Operations works with the President to ensure all the responsibilities of the PMI-SAC board are fulfilled. The focus is on the Chapter Annual Plan, Board functions, and, effective policies, tools and processes.  


  • Oversee Board activities and respond to their information requests  
  • Manage operating budget and report activity for Operations portfolio  
  • Participate in all Board Meetings, providing portfolio update and communicating to/from the Associate Members on the Operations sub-committees and the Board  
  • Know the Board and Chapter Bylaws and operating policies intimately to ensure the Board adheres to all legal, financial and any other obligations and communicate these to the Board as required  
  • Administration and support of Chapter technical environment. 
  • Create and maintain Chapter bylaws, policies, or other documentation as required  
  • Advise and assist other portfolios as required  


  • Ensure the operating and capital budgets are approved and fit with the Chapter’s strategic goals and vision  
  • Assist the President in filling vacant Board positions as necessary  
  • Register changes with the government of Alberta, including Bylaw amendments, as per the Alberta Societies Act  

Important Qualifications or Skills:  

  • Enthusiasm and dedication to PMI, the Chapter and Members 
  • Awareness of Alberta Societies Act 
  • Technical knowledge and skill particularly in administration of Microsoft 365 environment (e.g. Exchange, SharePoint, Teams) 
  • All the usual soft skills required for a supervisory/management role such as leadership and people skills, good communication, and organized  

Time Commitment per month (estimated average): This is an ongoing, year-round role with a time commitment varying from a low of 15 hrs/month to as high as 35, averaging between 20 and 25.  

Leadership Skills   

  • Public Speaking / Presentation Skills  
  • Excellent Writing Skills  
  • Problem solving 
  • Ability to Delegate Effectively  
  • Negotiation Skills  


  • Forge professional relationships with other passionate project managers  
  • Gain practical experience with building and maintaining effective teams  
  • Learn more about the project management community and culture within Calgary  
  • Have fun outside of your day job while developing your PM skill set  
  • Grow your communication (written and oral) skill set