BoD Job Description

VP Volunteer Management – Roles & Responsibilities

Accountabilities from Bylaws: The Vice President of Volunteer Management is accountable to the Board on matters relating to the administration of volunteers and programs to increase volunteer involvement.

 Specific Accountabilities:  

  • Responsible for volunteer recruitment and/or retention. 
  • Responsible for providing clear expectations to volunteers regarding their roles. 
  • Understand and leverage experience of volunteers and direct them to various initiatives in the chapter. 
  • Responsible for identifying and developing programs to involve, develop, engage and manage volunteer members. 
  • Responsible for the development and recognition of volunteers. 
  • Build quality into volunteering by introducing and refining different processes for managing the work from volunteers. 
  • Develop and implement volunteer related; succession and transition plan. 
  • Responsible for providing PMI volunteer awareness at the local and global levels. 
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan 

Job Description and Summary of Tasks:  The VP Volunteer Management shall be accountable for the development, implementation and evaluation of the volunteer recruitment and recognition strategy that contributes to the achievement of the Chapter’s long-term Strategy and sustainability. 


  • Updating volunteer registry, using the Volunteer Management Resource System – VRMS) 
  • Identifying and recruiting volunteers within the membership in support of chapter activities. 
  • Ensuring volunteers are recognized for their efforts. 
  • Create and deliver the volunteer related content of the chapter newsletter )when applicable) 
  • Active participation at monthly board meetings. 
  • Other tasks as directed by the president. 


  • Review and shepherd the volunteer retention policy 
  • Maintain the volunteer connection via direct contact, on-going support and general communication  
  • Deliver the volunteer appreciation events  

Important Qualifications or Skills: 

  • Vision for volunteer management  
  • Ability to use volunteer management software tools to match volunteers skills with interests , high level of enthusiasm  
  • Understanding of volunteer recruitment methods and tools (PMI’s Volunteer Relationship Management System)  
  • Understanding of volunteer resource management Understanding of volunteer recognition and appreciation programs 

Time Commitment per Month (estimated average):  This role is ongoing with a frequency of a minimum of 20 hours per month. Could vary based on activities during the year so an average of 25 hours per month overall 

Leadership Skills: 

  • All the usual soft skills required for a supervisory/management role such as leadership and people skills, good communication, and organized 
  • Ability to Delegate  
  • Effectively Coaching and Mentoring  
  • Persuasion/Motivation Skills Team Building Skills 


  • Overarching benefit of this role is being the part of the volunteer journeys of several people and being able to enhance their volunteer experience within the chapter 
  • Forge professional relationships with other passionate project managers 
  • Gain practical experience with building and maintaining effective teams 
  • Learn more about the project management community and culture within Calgary 
  • Have fun outside of your day job while developing your PM skill set J 
  • Grow your communication (written and oral) skill set