Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Program helps protégés advance their careers and mentors give back

Mentoring is the process in which successful individuals help others establish goals and develop the skills to reach their goals.

Mentoring can help you acquire skills, increase confidence, widen your perspective, avoid errors, enhance your career and life, and help you succeed!

PM Mentorship

Get career guidance with the PM Mentorship program

The PM Mentorship program is designed to provide proteges with guidance and advice on moving their careers to the next level and mentors with the opportunity to share their wealth of knowledge with up-and-coming PMs.

I enjoy enabling new Scrum Masters and Project Managers become more skilled. I am thrilled when I see the protégé/mentor pairs working together and seeing them connect at a professional and personal level. It is also very fulfilling to hear the protégés and mentors express how much they have enjoyed the mentorship program. The feeling of offering something of real value occurs when the mentors end up coming back to mentor in the next session.

Agile Mentorship

Expand your knowledge of the Agile Methodology through mentorship

The learning objective of the Agile Mentorship program is to train Scrum Masters to adopt a metrics-based approach to Agile (be it Agile Scrum or Agile Kanban) and to apply the Project Management process in the PMBoK to their Agile projects.