Our Purpose

PMI-SAC exists to inspire excellence and advance the Project Management field.

PMI-SAC provides a platform for project managers to connect and collaborate in pursuit of their professional and career development.

We bring together industry experts, professionals, students and other stakeholders to inspire excellence in the field of project management and to foster innovation within Southern Alberta. We are committed to advancing the profession and providing members with the resources necessary for success.

Our Mission

We develop passionate project managers.

We provide training, resources and support to current project managers, develop career paths for future practitioners, and inspire young professionals to make a difference in the field.

PMI-SAC also promotes collaboration between industry experts, educators and other stakeholders in Southern Alberta, helping to create an environment that encourages passion for the profession.

Our Vision

To be the recognized leader in Project Management Excellence.

This means providing education and training to increase knowledge and competency among existing members, while also supporting new members to succeed in the field by offering valuable resources and networking opportunities.

PMI-SAC also aims to create a culture of innovation so that members are equipped with the skills necessary for success, thus driving higher standards of performance across all industries.

Our Values


We facilitate ongoing professional development by hosting events and providing resources for PMs looking to advance their careers.


We are dedicated to providing our members with the resources, tools, and networks needed to achieve mastery in project management.


We are committed to engaging our members in meaningful ways, to provide opportunities for professional development and networking.

PMI-SAC Board of Directors

President, PMI-SAC

As the President of the PMI SAC chapter, I am elated to lead a dynamic community of project management professionals dedicated to fostering innovation, inclusion, and excellence in our field. Being at the helm allows me to inspire and guide a passionate team, driving impactful initiatives that contribute to the growth and success of our members and the broader project management community.

Past President, PMI-SAC

Being part of PMI-SAC has allowed me to broaden and enrich my skills and experience, and has made me a more competitive leader. I'm humbled and honoured to be part of such a vibrant community and to be part of the PMI family.

VP Professional Development, PMI-SAC
VP of Membership, PMI-SAC
VP of Operations, PMI-SAC
VP of Finance, PMI-SAC
VP of Programs, PMI-SAC
VP of Communications, PMI-SAC
VP Volunteer Management, PMI-SAC
VP of Marketing & Sponsorship, PMI-SAC

PMI-SAC Bylaws

An important part of our organizational transparency at PMI-SAC is having our Bylaws publicly and easily available. As a current or future member, we encourage you to read them!