Being part of PMI-SAC has allowed me to broaden and enrich my skills and experience, and has made me a more competitive leader. I'm humbled and honoured to be part of such a vibrant community and to be part of the PMI family.

Board of Directors

Candida Tocci

Past President, PMI-SAC
Calgary, Alberta


I started volunteering with PMI-SAC in 2005 and have been a PMI-SAC member in good standing ever since. I started at the reception desk of our monthly meetings when we were still using the credit card machines with the carbon copy slips (for those of you who remember those). My commitment and dedication led me to get my PMP.

As a past volunteer manager, I indicated that we needed to look at a more structured, process-oriented way of managing our primary resources – our volunteers. Hence, I then, created the VP Volunteer and Administration board position that I proudly led for 4 years. My committee was responsible for placing volunteers for the various roles, areas and services that we have at PMI-SAC. This role enabled me to really look at what each area is responsible for and what strategic value it holds to our members and our chapter. Also, at that time PMI introduced the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) and I was instrumental in implementing this system that is used today within PMI and PMI-SAC.

I also held the board position of VP Marketing Sponsorship. I have had the pleasure of learning and seeing all areas of this portfolio and has given me insight into improvements in the future. We take great pride in our loyal sponsors who continued support.

Finally, I’m just in my last term (going into my four year) as president of the PMI-SAC chapter. As president, I was accountable for establishing the strategic direction for the Chapter and working collaboratively with the Board to ensure the strategy is delivered. This was during the pandemic when the world changed like we knew how to lead a chapter. This I believe the Chapter has become resilient and sustainable to our everchanging fast pace environment.