PMI-SAC is a fantastic place to learn more about project management. I really enjoyed my time here.

Thomas Battle

VP of Communications, PMI-SAC
Calgary, Alberta
Areas of Expertise
Fintech, Project Management, Co-Working Spaces


My passion in life and work is helping organizations, people, groups and causes get to the next step. I help accomplish this by creating organization when there is none, delivering successful projects and by truly understanding how communication leads to more effective organizations. Startups energize me. I love the challenging work, sense of urgency and the amazing people.

I got the startup bug during my MBA at Dalhousie University where I worked with the Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship to educate, connect and energize students from across all faculties to start businesses of their own.

Since moving to Calgary, I have been working with an Inglewood based technology startup, Nobal Technologies, to help change the how the world interacts with products and brands in hotels and retail stores. While working for a startup, I have not lost my passion for enabling entrepreneurs to change the world. To fulfill this need, I am working with The Collective 12|12 to provide a premier work space and community for startups and small businesses.