January 24, 2023

President’s Message 2023

Building a bigger, better, and stronger community!

That will be our 2023 Theme for PMI-SAC this year

Last year we told you “We Got This!” And guess what?… WE DID IT!!

Our virtual events were well attended and we had a core contingent that came to almost every event. We had our first in-person event – our Golf Tournament. Our stampede event was so much fun, an event that was greatly missed within our city was back. Our social media in the last quarter has really taken off with so many of our community of practice becoming more engaged and interactive among the PMI family. We are at 1512 followers – gaining 60 new followers this month!! We were able to have our Annual Meeting at Fort Calgary – one of our favorite venues. But most of all who can forget our PDC – We really did get this!!! About 300 attendees and an amazing line-up of speakers and workshops.!!

So how are we going to beat that? well, we are! and we are ready! 

On January 21, 2023, the PMI-SAC board met up for a whole day for our annual Strategy Planning session. We talked about what community means to us, how we build a stronger team amongst ourselves, and what success looks like for us in 2023.

We then rolled up our sleeves and started to put metrics to how we will measure to deliver, and most of all “work smarter”.We also put our thinking caps on to find ways to make us more engaging, more innovative, and provide more value to our community of practice. Look for more events:

  • lunch and learns,
  • dinners,
  • networking and so on,

either, in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid, and expanding our reach to places further outside of Calgary. We are planning our Golf Tournament in person. Stampede event and a summer event TBA.

We have the launch of our new website coming soon and more engaging social media. But most of all, we are so excited to bring our amazing PDC to a new level where we will be collaborating more with the chapters and other groups. Stay tuned!

We are looking forward to strengthening our community by welcoming more members, sponsors, volunteers, and people to come and have fun with us – near and far. Join us on our 2023 adventure…you’re in for a thriller of a ride.

A special thank you to our powerhouse team! We have a fantastic board in place and thank you to our members, volunteers, our sponsors, and you our project management family.

Candida Tocci, President PMI-SAC

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Picture of Candida Tocci, PMI-SAC President

Candida Tocci, PMI-SAC President

This blog is intended to be a one stop shop to provide our members with regular updates on what is going on within the world of PMI-SAC. Tune in regularly to stay informed about all the wonderful things we do!

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