Why Volunteer?

Get Involved. Make a difference. Become a volunteer.

The Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter (PMI-SAC) offers professionals of all experience levels opportunities to build leadership skills and grow their professional networks.

Professional Development

Deliver valuable educational programming with the Professional Development Team

The Professional Development Team is integral in sourcing the best speakers, educational content, and thought leadership to provide growth for our members. They engage all of our speakers and source new content for our events.

I enjoy working with the volunteer team to drive the chapter's goals for our members. Working with other Project Managers and giving back to our community is one of my achievements this year. It has been a great experience working with the team.

Olu Anjorin
How To Apply
Volunteer Opportunities
Featured Volunteers

Benefits of volunteering with PMI-SAC


Get professional experience as a PMI-SAC volunteer

Develop New Skills

Work with an amazing group of volunteers to execute challenging projects that benefit the project management community. Learn new operational and leadership skills as you put on events, market courses, and add value to our community.

Execute Impactful Projects

Whether it is a small lunch meeting, a massive conference, or a leadership role on the board, volunteers within PMI-SAC have a unique opportunity to see the full cycle of project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing.


Get opportunities to learn from the very best PMs in Southern Alberta

Engage with thought leaders

Work closely with some of the best and most experienced project managers in the province as you deliver key projects to support our chapter’s membership.

Grow within a community of your peers

In addition to working with incredibly experienced professionals, you have an opportunity to engage and grow alongside other volunteers who are going through the same challenges that you are. All of our volunteers have an amazing opportunity to learn and grow with each other.


Get deeply involved with the local community of practice

Connect regularly with other professionals

By organizing and attending events, working closely with other volunteers to deliver projects, and delivering amazing content, the volunteers at PMI-SAC have an opportunity to create deep connections with other professionals and volunteers that could last a lifetime.

Be more than just a face in the crowd

By taking volunteer positions with PMI-SAC, you have the opportunity to lead from within the chapter. This will allow you to work closely with incredibly competent professionals and thought leaders. These connections may lead you to your next professional adventure.

Volunteering offers a transformative journey of personal growth, purpose, and community building. It becomes a catalyst for acquiring new skills, expanding knowledge, gaining invaluable experience and of course, meeting great people.

How do I apply for a volunteer position?

Volunteering is easy! Just follow the below instructions to take the next big step in your professional growth.

Step 1: Log into PMI Global website

To apply for volunteer​ opportunities with PMI-SAC, click on available volunteer opportunities . You will be directed to the PMI.org login page.

Step 2: Prepare your profile

Update your volunteer profile by uploading your resume, updating your volunteer service history, and checking off your areas of interest.

Step 3: Apply to relevant opportunities

On the opportunities page, use the drop-down menu to search and apply for opportunities with the Southern Alberta Chapter that meet your interests and needs.

Step 3.5: Wait for new openings

Don’t see anything for you right now? Send us a completed Volunteer Interest Form and we will contact you if an opportunity that matches your interests becomes available.

If you have questions about volunteering with PMI-SAC or the opportunities available, please contact us at volunteer@pmisac.com

Available PMI-SAC Volunteer Opportunities

Through local PMI chapters, members and volunteers meet their peers, make new contacts, network, build knowledge, share solutions and ideas, and enjoy activities and events. These positions offer an exceptional opportunity to build your leadership skills and make new contacts.

    Featured Volunteers

    VRMS Coordinator at PMI-SAC
    Associate VP, Operations at PMI-SAC
    Featured Volunteer
    Community Manager, PMI-SAC
    Newsletter Coordinator, PMI-SAC
    Mentorship Program Lead, PMI-SAC
    Membership Communications, PMI-SAC

    Volunteering FAQs

    Networking and Knowledge Exchange

    • Build your professional network by working closely with PMISAC volunteers and meeting chapter members and sponsors.
    • Exchange knowledge and expertise with the local volunteer community.
    • Gain credibility as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Project Management community.

    Professional and Personal Development

    • Earn Professional Development Units to maintain your PMP and/or other certifications.
    • Learn new skills and sharpen your project management and leadership skills.
    • Meet other project managers, and professionals in your industry and other industries.
    • Learn about and connect to job opportunities.
    • Build your experience and enhance your resume.
    • Access to PMI.org resources (Leadership Development, PMI Learn).

    Build Relationships and be Part of a Community

    • Become part of a local community of volunteers that support one another.
    • Develop friendships.
    • Receive awards and recognition.
    • Contribute to your profession by having a hand in delivering quality programs and services for members and volunteers.

    Whether you’re looking for an opportunity with a low time commitment, or want to be involved regularly, there’s something for everyone.

    Some roles like Assistant Vice President, and Directors will demand more time and can involve a commitment of up to 15-20 hours per month.

    Other roles such coordinators, communications associates, membership ambassadors, and orientation specialists generally have lower time commitments of up to 10 hours per month.

    All roles will have peak busy times along with slower time. We will work with you to find the best fit.

    Yes. It is Project Management Institute Policy that you must be a member to volunteer. There are a few exceptions for very time – limited roles such as volunteering for a partial or full day at a conference, however those are rare.

    At PMI-SAC, all volunteers complete and sign a volunteer agreement which outlines PMI-SAC’s Code of Conduct, and expectations for both PMI-SAC and volunteers. It protects the interests of both parties.

    The current chapter membership fee is only $40.00 per year, and $30.00 per year for students. Membership provides you with
    access and special discounts for speaker events, podcasts, conferences, and professional development programming throughout the year.

    Visit ‘Why Become a Member?‘ for further details.

    1. To view and apply for volunteer​ opportunities with PMISAC, click on available volunteer opportunities. You will be directed to the PMI.org login page.
    2. Log in using your PMI.org username and password.
    3. Update your volunteer profile by uploading your resume, updating your volunteer service history, and checking off your areas of interest.
    4. On the opportunity page, use the drop-down menu to search and apply for opportunities with the Southern Alberta Chapter that meet your interests and needs.
    5. You will receive email notifications from the system when new opportunities are posted that match your interests. Once you apply, you will receive email notifications regarding the status of your application.
    6. You will be contacted if you are selected for an interview.

    There are a variety of opportunities that will capture your interest. Here are just a few examples of some roles with the chapter:

    • Assistant Vice President
    • Communications Analyst
    • Lead of Special Projects
    • Marketing Advisor
    • Membership Ambassador
    • Podcast Coordinator


    Check the Volunteer Opportunities page for all available opportunities.

    Yes. While you will commit to volunteering with one team, there are opportunities to collaborate with other teams in the chapter to work on special projects, and volunteer at events, and conferences. Also, once your volunteer term ends, you can apply to volunteer in a different role with another team.

    Our goal is to provide you with opportunities that enhance your volunteer experience.

    That will depend on your role, and the time you have for volunteering.

    As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to further develop your skills, build a network, and have a hand in helping PMISAC deliver valued programs and services to our community of members.

    For example, volunteers get involved by planning and executing projects and events, they coordinate and launch campaigns; they help us improve by developing new processes and tools; and they network and collaborate with other teams, members, and sponsors.

    All volunteers are invited to attend a PMISAC onboarding/orientation session to introduce them to the chapter, and the people, and to learn about the portfolio teams and how they work together. The sessions are delivered throughout the year by the Volunteer Management portfolio team based on volunteer recruitment timing and demand.

    Portfolio/team level volunteer training and orientation is provided by the Vice President and members of the portfolio/team.